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2 năm trước ・ 27/01/2022

Comment from Professor - Dr. Tran Tho Dat - Chairman of Science & Training Council of National Economics University:

  • Vietnam economy is promised to bounce back solidly and get over the trough, then turn back to the growing momentum as before the pandemic. With flexible, safe and productive adapting solutions to any directions of the epidemic, there will be mass recovery and reopening of national economy which play as a motivation for a new development in the year of 2022.
  • Domestic demand, particularly in consumption is expected to recover as a result of an increase in both the number of people returning to work and a higher level of income than during the epidemic's peak. Reopening the domestic economy will create a strong push for imports, exports and FDI capital, which would be assured by the activation of free trade agreements and the rehabilitation of global economy. There will also be a boom in Public Investment sector thanks to large-scale projects such as the project in the east of North-South highway, another involving the system of highway in the Northern and Mekong Delta area.

Research Center’s comments and investment recommendations in 2022 :

  • We forecast that the VN-Index's target in 2022 will be towards a new peak of 1,700 points.
  • The market is expected to continue its growth cycle when many industry groups will return to recovery after the lockdown is lifted and economic activity gradually returns to the "new normal".
  • In comparison to 2021, earnings per share (EPS) is predicted to increase by 24.3% .
  • If the profit growth in 2022 is 24.3% as expected, with the VN-Index at 1,704 points, the P/E will be at 16.0. As for profit growth at 35% and P/E ratio unchanged, VN-Index is expected to reach 1,850 points.

Industry and Stock recommendations  :

Oil&Gas  (GAS, BSR, PVD),  Banks (MBB, TCB), Insurance (PVI), Real estates (VHM, VRE, NLG), Stocks (PSI), Multi-industry (MSN), Logistics (VTP), Power (POW, QTP), Seafood processing (VHC), Construction (FCN), Technology (FPT), Telecommunications (CTR), Pharmaceutical-Health (TRA).


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